Set my feet upon a rock…

Psalm 40:2 …set my feet upon a rock, making my steps secure.

Though frequently bogged down in the mire and fiery pits of destruction that life seems to throw at us, we can rejoice in the rock of safety Jesus provides everyday in the midst of unsafe spaces… a safety that transcends and lifts us from the muck… ironically, the Lord takes the molten fire and stabilizes it for us without removing that fiery rock, He simply cools it and makes it into a solid pathway for us that is safe… leading to clear and present joy! Our pathway enjoys the same cooling effect both during the trek and upon arrival!

The 1st photo (left) shows some igneous ‘pahoehoe’ lava formations on the Hawaii Big Island. This hardened, yet once hot lava flow has become a safe pathway to a famous beach lagoon near the Shipman estate in the 2nd photo (below). This special place is only accessible via this path in the 1st photo. The path is a lengthy trail that takes 1 hr to hike (1.5 hrs for me) and must be traversed by foot. — RR